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General Admin Assistant

General Admin Role

Communication Respond to phone and email enquiries, and direct inquiries to the appropriate department.

Schedule Management Schedule and coordinate appointments, meetings and events, and manage diaries.

Document Management Create, maintain and manage electronic and physical files, including filing, organizing and retrieving documents as needed.

Data Entry Enter data into computer systems or databases, and maintain accurate records.

Report Generation Prepare and generate reports, as required by management or other stakeholders.

Customer Service Provide excellent customer service, including responding to customer inquiries and resolving customer complaints.

Procurement Place orders for supplies and equipment, and manage vendor relationships.

Budget Management Assist with budget preparation, monitor spending, and identify areas for cost savings.

Travel Arrangements Make travel arrangements, including flights, accommodation and transportation, for employees and visitors.

Other duties as assigned.

Level 1 of Expertise

  • Degree in finance / admin / business
  • Proficient in all relevant software
  • Proficient English written and verbal

Standard Inclusions

  • Office overhead, day to day management, hardware, (up to date desktop with dual monitors), standard software, desk, chair, lockers
  • Holiday and sick pay, 13th cheque, staff development days

Full-time Monthly Cost

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