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Data Entry / Collation

Data Entry / Collation Position

Data Entry Enter information accurately and efficiently into computer systems or databases.

Data Verification Verify the accuracy of entered data, ensuring that all information is up-to-date and complete.

Data Collation Gather and collate data from various sources and organize it into a format suitable for analysis or presentation.

Data Quality Control Check data for completeness, accuracy and consistency, and correct any errors or inconsistencies.

Data Management Maintain and organize electronic and physical data files, ensuring that information is easily accessible and secure.

Data Backup Regularly backup data to ensure data recovery in the event of system failures or data corruption.

Data Reporting Prepare and generate reports based on the data entered.

Level 1 of Expertise

  • Degree in admin / business
  • Proficient in all relevant software
  • Proficient English written and verbal

Standard Inclusions

  • Office overhead, day to day management, hardware, (up to date desktop with dual monitors), standard software, desk, chair, lockers
  • Holiday and sick pay, 13th cheque, staff development days

Full-time Monthly Cost

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